Friday, December 15, 2017

I Had A Feeling, Ian

On Wednesday night the Angels traded for the Tigers second baseman Ian Kinsler.
The Angels needed help at second.

I was glad to see the signing.
For some strange reason, I've always had a feeling Kinsler would make his way to the Angels at some point in his career.

It's interesting the Angels were one of the teams on Kinsler's no-trade clause.
I wonder why he labeled them as such...maybe he had some bad blood playing against them in the same division for the first 8 years of his career? I don't know, I'm speculating.

Kinsler was a great signer and signed a lot of stuff for me here in Texas, back when I went to a lot of games and was active at the ballpark. The Rangers did a lot of appearances back then too, and the Winter Caravan and Winter Carnival were always a great place to get autographs.

A couple years ago I starting thinning out my autograph collection; most of them going up for trade or for a buck a card (see tab).  I started focussing on All-Time Angels autographs so almost all of the non-Angels autographs went into the trade box, but Kinsler's cards I held on to, again, had a feeling that someday....

 ...he'd be turning two for the Angels, not against them.

I'm looking forward to seeing him play.
I think he still has some pop left in his bat too.
This is gonna be a good year!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Red Cardboard Cardboard Purge

Matt at Red Cardboard is cleaning house and offering up a lopsided trade for any takers. He's purging his collection and only asks a half trade in return. He's a giver and he means business.

Look at all the stuff he sent. I had picked out a few items he had shown on his blog, he asked if I'd like ALL of his Angels, I said yes and there's the result.

I picked out a few to highlight.
1964 Topps #255
The '64 Topps design is awesome in it's simplicity.

2014 Prizm Draft Picks Prospect Signatures #62
Verdugo is actually in the Los Angeles Dodgers organization, which is always difficult to tell on these Panini cards because they refuse to differentiate between the N.L. Los Angeles team and the A.L. Los Angeles team. It's a sweet card though, so I'm going to hang on to it.

A great selection of Mike Trout cards.
I especially like the 2016 Celebrating 65 Years of Topps card.
There was also a sweet 2017 Topps Fire Fired Up! Gold card but I'm saving that for another post.

2012 Triple Play #275
I was so disappointed when Ryan went into the hall in 1999 as a Ranger.
I always felt he had better statistics, and more success with the Angels.
The HOF even lists his "Primary Team" as the California Angels.
But Ryan chose a Rangers hat. Ouch.
And now the Angels still don't have a HOFer.
Maybe Vladdy will change that soon?

2017 Topps Update #US109, Vintage Stock 48/99
I have so few of these Vintage Stock parallels in my collection it's always exciting to get one.

Fleer 1969-1971 Baseball Quiz Card
Hopefully you all know that I collect Fleer Team Logo Stickers, I've completed several sets already.
The precursor to those sticker cards were these Baseball Quiz Cards.
Besides those I have for the Angels, this Reds card gets me going on collecting these sets.

1987 Fleer Baseball Sticker
Yep Fleer Baseball Logo Stickers.
This Giants sticker was the last one I needed to complete the 1987 set.

Much appreciated Matt.
I hope you liked the return package.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Ohtani, Oh!

Just heard that the Angels won the sweepstakes for the services of Japanese sensation Shohei Ohtani. I'm excited for that, but I'm usually reserved on the excitement of how good he'll be. I'm looking at the signing as more of a wait and see.

One thing I do need to get on though, is trying to find some of his cards.
I imagine they are over-priced right now with all the hype.
Maybe I'll wait.
We'll see.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Completed Angels Team Set - 1992 Classic Best

Nice 18-card team set mix of the Midland Angels, Palm Springs Angels, Quad City River Bandits, and Boise Hawks.
Key cards would be Garret Anderson and Jim Edmonds.

I just noticed the "A" in the upper right, indicating Single A ball.
All the cards in the Angels set have either "A" or "AA" on them.
Boise Hawks A-
Quad Cities A
Palm Springs A+
Midland AA
The Edmonton Trappers were the Angels AAA team in 1991.

I'm not sure if 1992 Classic Best went to the AAA level for any teams in this set.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Sweepstakes Galore

Big box a while back, from Baseball Cards Come To Life, packed full of  lots of stuff but mostly Sweepstakes/Special Offer/Info/etc. cards that I love. Seriously like 200 cards in the long box. I pulled out a sampling to show off.

 1992 Donruss Triple Play Game Sweepstakes Rub-Off Card
I prefer “scratch-off” to “rub-off” because that’s what you do, that’s what we all know to do…take a coin and scratch off the flakey silver stuff. You cannot rub-off the flakey silver stuff.  Also note that the rules say there are 1,000,000 second place prizes of three packs of Triple Play Baseball Cards…one MILLION! I seriously think that has to be a typo. But I also have to assume that means Donruss was obligated to print 1,000,000 second-place winning cards. Doesn’t seem logical to me.

1984 Topps All-Star Baseball Game Sweepstakes Card
Oh how I love the 1983 and 1984 Topps All-Star Game cards. They go right to the core of my joy of collecting. That’s because 1983 and 1984 Topps were some of the first full wax boxes of cards I ever ripped. When I got back around to rebuilding those sets 25 years later, those game cards were some of the first I looked for.

 1996 Leaf Preferred Frank Thomas Charity Card Special Offer Order Form
Four special Frank Thomas numbered cards available for $20 a card with the proceeds going to charity. After Donruss took it's cut for taxes, production and licensing fees, I wonder how much remained to go to the charities. I didn’t see any of these cards on ebay, so I’m curious as to how many actually sold.

 2004 Topps The Topps Story Info Card
I imagine it takes a lot of money to pay a graphic designer and then print and distribute these useless info cards. This one is not even a stiffener, or relic decoy, so it's actually just an advertisement for Topps products.

 2010 Topps You Sketch It! Sketch Card
Pretty cool idea, except that Topps stipulates the sketch must be based on 2010 Topps or Bowman Baseball products. So, does that mean you’re supposed to copy from a photograph on another Topps card? It may then be your original artwork, but not your original concept. Artist are all about freedom of expression, Man! You’re handcuffing them.

 2001 Royal Rookies Todd Helton 5-Card Set Special Offer Card
I guess Todd Helton was a big deal in 2001, enough to warrant a special 5-card limited edition set. And at only $2.00 a set it seems like a great deal. Helton went on to have a great career. The $3.95 shipping/handling seems a bit excessive though for 2001.

 1991 Topps Magazine Subscription Card
I subscribed to the Topps Magazine the first year of publication in 1990. I still have a few of the awesome card sheets that came with each issue. That was the reason I subscribed, even though some of those sheets didn’t print so well. I still have the Nolan Ryan cover issue #2, as the only remaining complete magazine in my collection. I love these little Topps mini-sized cards.

2003 Bowman-The Pit.Com Promotion Card
I will let you read the back of this card to see how this promotion was supposed to work because it’s as confusing as all hell.

 1997 Pinnacle X-Press Swing For The Fences Sweepstakes Card
Wow, here’s another contest that seems near impossible to actually win, unless of course you’re a dealer ripping both retail and hobby cases of this product. This Carlos Delgado card is one of a set of 60 player cards. You just had to 1) find the PLAYER card of the home run champ at the end of the season in either league, 2) find a HOME RUNS game card, and then 3) find enough POINTS cards to add up to the home run total.  Catch is the HOME RUNS card can only be found in the expensive Home Plate-shaped Hobby version box. Sheesh.

 2002 Upper Deck Special Savings Scratcher Card
We’ve all used these thick cards as stiffeners in trade packages, that’s about all their good for. They’re more of a nuisance than anything else, and I've had a zillion of them at any one time. This one is a different though in that there is a scratch-off on the back to reveal a PIN you can use for a discount at the Upper Deck Store. First time I'd seen that on this card.

2002 Topps Opening Day Slam Derby Sweepstakes Card
It’s always funny when a card has to actually include “Please see back for details” on the front. Do they think that we are so completely clueless, that we don’t know to turn the card over and read the content there? But even though I am smart enough to turn the card over, there’s no way I can read that font without the help of a magnifier. Older guys collect cards too Man! Down at the bottom is a place to write in your personal information. I wonder when “Home Phone” became “Daytime Phone” which has become “Cell Phone”?

All great stuff Bo, thanks.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

1993 Triple Play Cheap Box Rip

I’m pretty sure that I did not buy one pack of 1993 Triple Play back in the 90’s, or ever best I can remember. In ‘93 I was more focused on Upper Deck, my sights set on building the massive set (which is just about all gone now except for the Angels and a handful of stragglers). Also, at the time, I didn’t like the black framing of the Triple Play design. I was heavy in collecting autographs then and the dark design did not lend itself well to autographs, I was afraid the black would swallow up the signatures.

Fast forward to now, and I love this design. I love the black with the silver block font player names at the top. Part of that is because I don’t do autographs much anymore, and those autographs I do pursue revolve around several autograph sets I’m working: 1983 Topps, 1991 Upper Deck, 1991 Line Drive AA/AAA, 1992 Stadium Club, 2005 Fleer Tradition. Funny how interests change.

The backs of the cards are simple with a player portrait, basic statistics, and a quote or a trivia question associated with the player pictured. I like the trivia question on Pat Listach's card, because the following season negated the answer in that Tim Salmon became the first Angel to win the AL Rookie of the Year award.

Another reason I like the set, and why I wanted to bust a box of it, was to pull as many of the scratch-off inserts as possible, a sub-set I was working on prior to taking more interest in the design. At one-per-pack, and 30 in the set, I figured I had a good chance to get most of the scratch-off set. But this is 90’s product and we all know that 90’s era collation was horrendous.

So, I busted a cheapo box of 1993 Triple Play, and I do mean cheap, like $2.49 cheap, plus reasonable shipping.
At 36 packs and 12 cards per pack I should get most of the set out of this one box.

Here's the contents of a typical pack:

Okay maybe not a typical pack since there were so many superstars in that one. But you get the idea: 12 cards and a scratch-off contest card.

Out of 36 scratch-offs pulled from the box, there were only 10 different, meaning I got at least triples of the 10 cards pulled. See? Horrendous.

The only insert cards beside the scratch-off, came in a 10-card set of Player Nicknames. I managed to pull 4 different cards from the box. Not bad. I don’t think I’ll be pursuing this sub-set though.

All in all, it was a fun break, I managed to pull 202 of the 264-card set. Pretty good. And as always, any help finishing it off will be returned likewise.